Monday, December 30, 2019

Ramayana: History or mythology?

The Ramayana is one of two epics, the other being the Mahabharata, which have had a crucial influence in shaping the nature of Indian civilization. The Ramayana existed in the oral tradition perhaps as far back as 1,500 BCE, but the fourth century BCE is generally accepted as the date of its composition in Sanskrit by Sage Valmiki. Many historians claim that Ramayana actually happened and is not a mythological folklore. Here are a few evidences that make a compelling case:

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Hanuman consciousness

The mind is fickle (like a monkey) and jumps from place to place, going after things, engaging itself in innumerable activities that disturb the peace of the place. The mind, like Hanuman ji can also travel where it wants to. It can fly in the air, cross the continents and the worlds in an instant with the speed of thought and reach any one and anything it wants to mentally.

It can also expand or contracts itself at will (again like Hanuman ji ). So long as it remains under the control of pure animal passions and the activities of the sense, it remains unstable and mischievous, causing much of the disturbance in the world of the individual.

But once it surrenders to the inner self and becomes devoted to it completely and unconditionally, it assumes miraculous powers and performs stupendous feats like Hanuman ji, working for the divine cause helping the lower self (Sita) and the Soul (Rama) to come together and become united.

By killing all the evil thoughts with its determination, it also lays a firm foundation for the kingdom of God (Ramarajya) to become established in the body. Lord Hanuman is thus symbolically the mind principle ever absorbed in the contemplation of God and totally surrendered to Him.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Purna Phala (blessed fruit offering)

Jay shree Raam ! Purna Phala ! What is that? The divine offering of fruit which is complete in itself, which means if offering so that complete and perfect it’s believed the punya or merits is complete as well (Purna). An ancient practise from the time of Ramayana to offer lord hanuman with fruit he loves. 

Coconut is one such best of fruits. Sita Mata prayed to hanuman ji and offered while she was grieving in ravana s captive. She wished that hanuman would help to bring ram to her against the mighty ravana. Who would have ever thought  ravana who saw success after success despite indulgence in bad karma...would eventually fall, Ravan felt he felt to the ground and never to rise again. So Sita Mata a symbol of sanctity and pure sincere devotion, got her wishes fulfilled, we can too provided we r sincere n with devotion and the prayers are dharmic. Thus the ritual below conducted on hanuman Jayanti.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sundara Gandam: Chapter 11 – Hanuman continues the search in Ravanas private place

Chapter 11: Hanuman continues the search in Ravanas private place

Hanuman realised that the woman (Mandodari) he saw could not be Sita. Having separated from Rama, a noble and virtuous wife like Sita, would not be able to eat, drink or decorate herself with ornaments and indulge in the pleasures in Ravanas palace. Hanuman changed his mind and started searching Sita again.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

2019 Annual Temple Thiruvizha: Persatuan Penganut Dewa Sri Panjamuga Anjaneyar, Taman Sentosa Klang

Devotee's special Paalkudam offering
For devotees carrying “paal kudam”, you will be given the blessings to bath and flow your offerings to Lord Hanuman personally. The temple management will prepare a staircase to allow devotees perform the milk offering.

For any further details, please contact 
Thiru. Ganesh: +60 11-3938 9909

Jai Shree Raam

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Use of Clove in Hanuman Poojas

Clove is offered to Hanuman during puja for desire fulfillment. It is also offered for early cure of serious diseases.

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Eleven (11) numbers of clove is offered to Hanuman by those have trouble in having a good night sleep.

For wealth and money related problems – light lamp before Hanuman using mustard oil. Put two cloves in the oil.

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For serious ailments, devotees should meditate on Hanuman in the early morning by looking at the rising sun. After meditation, offer some cloves.

Take some clove and offer it to Hanuman before leaving home for any important work.

Each spice is associated with a particular deity in Hinduism. Clove is associated with Shiva. Hanuman is the Rudra Avatar of Shiva.


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sundara Gandam: Chapter 10 – Hanuman sees Mandodhari

Chapter 10 – Hanuman sees Mandodhari

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In Ravanas palace, Hanuman sees a Bed which was made of Ivory and Gold. It was decorated with diamonds, coral, cats eye and other precious gems. He saw a white umbrella decorated with Pearls and it appeared like a full Moon. The bed was decorated with all sort of good flowers giving very good fragrance. The bed had spreads of animal skins.

Hanuman saw Ravana sleeping in that bed. Ravana appeared dark and dense like the rain clouds, his hands looked like the trunk of elephant, his face was bright like The Sun. The white silk cloth that he was wearing across appeared like a thunderbolt . The Reddish yellow sandal paste applied on this chest and hands looked like the evening sunset clouds. He was in deep sleep because of the wine that he had that night and because of the tiredness of having copulated with his wives.

Kampar Hanuman Temple, Perak (2019 update)

Recently, our research team members have paid a visit to our Kampar Hanuman Temple in Perak. Below are the pictures update for your reference.

(Lord Hanuman and Lord Ramar)

Langkawi Hanuman Shrine, Kuah

Langkawi Hanuman Shrine guards the entry for two diverse temples in Kuah, Langkawi. The temple places its calm welcome with a guardian role for devotees whom wish to obtain his blessings and get connected with his surroundings.

Lord Hanuman

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Postponed: Sree Maha Anjaneyar Aalayam, Tepi Sungai, Klang Maha Kumbhabishegam

Dear Devotees, with regards on the latest progress, we would like to inform that the initially planned Klang Tepi Sungai Hanuman Temple Kumbhabishegam Ceremony dated on 9th June 2019 (Sunday) has been postponed to another date which will be communicated soon.

The temple management would also like to take the opportunity to thank to all of our donors for their all their contribution and support to this cause.

Based on the latest progress, the temple management still needs of a total funding of RM81,000.00. In accordance, the temple management would also like to take the opportunity to seek for temple devotees and donors to extend support in order for them to complete the temple restoration effort and provide you the best spiritual development centre for all. 

Please help the temple management forward this message to all, your action, prayers and blessings towards this noble effort is highly appreciated.

For further information regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact the temple commitee member, Mr.Sree @ 016-6185267


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Bestari Jaya Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Sivakaliamman Serdang Temple

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Tepi Sungai Hanuman Temple, Klang

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Kampar Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Sri Varadarajan Perumal Temple, Subang Jaya

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Sri Rama Thutha Bakhta Hanuman Temple, Tebrau, Johor

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Taman Murni, Cheras

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Vanara Padai Taman Sentosa Klang

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Batu Caves Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Langkawi Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Bandar Tasik Kesuma Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Sri Renganathar Temple, Kajang

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - GBS Malaysia Jalan Kasipillay, Petaling Jaya

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Ipoh Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Jayanthi 2019 - Brickfields Hanuman Temple

Sree Maha Anjayneyar Aalayam, Tepi Sungai, Klang

Tepi Sungai Hanuman Temple is a famous hanuman temple in the district of Klang. The temple is said to be the direct reflection of Kampar Hanuman Temple. The temple has a history of its own, the founder of the temple is said to receive a initiation blessing from a powerful swamiji in Kampar Hanuman Temple. The swamiji described a Hanuman Temple next to a river which will be initiated by the founder and will be passed over to another devotee whom shares the same destiny in managing the temple. This story signifies and strengthen the direct linkage of Kampar Hanuman Temple and Tepi Sungai Hanuman Temple strong connection.

(Lord Maha Anjayneyar)

Friday, August 24, 2018

Sri Maha Vanna Muniswarar Alayam, Jalan Hulu Gombak, Gombak


Also known as the "Kabali" Temple, Vanna Muniswarar Alayam is well known for the self-service offerings by locals and its also a local community powered temple. 

To go to this temple, one must access the old Bentong road from Gombak. The ride to this temple will be a pleasant one as you will  pass by many orang asli community settlements. As driving through the jungle, do take the opportunity to enjoy the green scenery along the way, be alert with the cycles of course.


Being an open-access community powered temple, some of the sannathi will be locked and you might be required to seek the keys from the caretaker. Once you enter the temple, you may noticed that the eyes of the Panchamuga Hanuman idol will be made from marbles, and even other accessories as well.

(Lord Hanuman)

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Shivan Meditation Sanctuary, Bentong Old Road, Gombak, Selangor


To get to this temple will be very tricky, and it is advisable to visit the temple with a friend that is familiar and visited the place before. The Shivan meditation sanctuary is believed to be founded by a sithar which is located in a jungle and only accessible by the old bentong road, the place offers a direct unification of the devotee's spiritual experience with the nature. It is one of the rarest temple situated next to a river and gives you the opportunity to bath in the nearby river and pray.

(Lord Hanuman)

The numbers of monkeys will give you a warm surprise welcome and it is encourage to bring food for them (banana and fruits). Volunteers and visitors power up the temple, we can witness new temple building being constructed and development taking place.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, 12th Mile, Puchong


The temple is located near Rakan Muda Complex (now known as IM4U complex) at Puchong. It is accessible from LDP highway facing from Cyberjaya/Putrajaya/Putra Perdana/Puchong Prima/Puchong Perdana to Tesco/IOI Puchong. As you drive, you will have the opportunity to have a glimpse of Lord Ayyapan and the 1008 shiva lingga presentation, one of the main attraction of the temple will be the tall Lord Hanuman statue. 

(Lord Hanuman)

The temple is one of the oldest temples in the Klang Valley. Dated back in 1883, the temple is said to have sustain the classical structure without focusing on vast development. The idols of the temple may give you a glimpse on the temple History.

Wishing a blessed Raam Navami 2018 to all

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse on 31.1.2017 & It's Impact especially on Thaipusam Festival

Lunar or Moon Eclipse happen during the moon passes though Earth shadow. Coming 31.1.2018 at 7.48pm to 11.11pm (Malaysia Time) will be facing Full Lunar Eclipse event during the moon passes the centre of the Earth's shadow - this called Chandragrahanam சந்திர கிரகணம் in Tamil. According to culture of Humanbeing, during the time - Moon will be eaten by Snake (Indian) & eaten by Dragon (Chinese).

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Why Lunar Eclipse gives impact (SCIENCE)?
Normal routine of earthlife, we need Moon for normal earth activities which is deciding factor for sea tide flow, flesh growth of living nature, climates change, human & organism behaviourial changes .