Saturday, March 24, 2018

Shivan Meditation Sanctuary, Bentong Old Road, Gombak, Selangor


To get to this temple will be very tricky, and it is advisable to visit the temple with a friend that is familiar and visited the place before. The Shivan meditation sanctuary is believed to be founded by a sithar which is located in a jungle and only accessible by the old bentong road, the place offers a direct unification of the devotee's spiritual experience with the nature. It is one of the rarest temple situated next to a river and gives you the opportunity to bath in the nearby river and pray.

(Lord Hanuman)

The numbers of monkeys will give you a warm surprise welcome and it is encourage to bring food for them (banana and fruits). Volunteers and visitors power up the temple, we can witness new temple building being constructed and development taking place.

The temple was founded by a local Sitthar (a small idol is dedicated for him in the temple) which have devoted his life towards Lord Shivan, there used to be a small hut which resides a temple priest (this was back in 2009), but as our research team member visited the place again, the place is now at a demolished state and no one resides in this small hut again. 

The main statue of Shiva lingga has been replaced with a bigger one and some construction are taking place. a lot of construction materials can be seen at the river bank which needs attention from volunteers to do something about it. We have seen vast improvements but we believe that extra efforts is required to totally transform the place. We were briefed by a local stating that the entire hill was bought over by an influential man  and as you go into the jungle, you may see some structures belonging to him (houses, quarters). 

Visitors may also see some very old idols that we believe should be from another temple that has been relocated here. We believe these idols may be more than 100 years old. You may see a Lord Hanuman idol and also Sapthakannis and Datos small temple uphill.

As a community powered temple, progress is witnessed and the effort should not stop there. We believe that the opportunity given for devotees to meditate with the scenery of the jungle and rhythm of the river to transcend you within a different dimension.


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  3. Can I have the temple's phone number, pls.

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