Saturday, January 28, 2017

Benefit of chanting Hanuman Chalisa

1. Praying to Lord Hanuman visiting Hanuman temples lighting oil in Hanuman temples especially on Saturdays (Chat 8 times on saturdays if you are suffering from malefic effects of saturn) and Chanting Hanuman Chalisa is the most powerful remedy to neutralise malicious effects of saturn during seven years of ‘Shani Sade Sati’. 

2. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa as the first task in the morning will make your day goes well, getting you and your family blessed by lord Hanuman.

3. Chanting with great devotion and faith will help you to get relaxed and forgets your stress and tensions and fills you with positive divine energy.

4. If you Understand the meaning of the Hanuman Chalisa It will help you to feel it’s power.

5. If an ill person chants Hanuman Chalisa, it will makes the person to feel better.

6. Hanuman Chalisa helps to  solve any problems in your life which are seem impossible to solve.

7. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa before going to travel prevents risks of accidents and makes your trip successful and joyful.

8. If Couples who are on verge of getting married read Hanuman Chalisa daily before marriage, then their marriage life will be happy and peaceful.

9. If anyone is having problems in childbirth then Chanting Hanuman Chalisa daily with pure devotion and faith can help to solve these problems.

10. If anyone have any problem regarding Education, then chanting Hanuman Chalisa daily with pure devotion and faith can help to solve these problems.

11. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa daily with pure faith and devotion helps students to do better performance in the exams and also improves their concentration power.

12. Chanting the opening verses of Hanuman Chalisa at night for at least 8 times will help you to eliminate the sins which you might have committed knowingly or unknowingly hurting or insulting someone.

13. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa at night time helps to eliminate evil and negative energies from your life. Especially if you are afraid of ghost ie especially in children's.

14. Those who want to achieve tremendous goal goal in their life then they should chant the verses 1008 times on a night of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or on the day of moola nakshatra.

15. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa helps to deal with pain related issues such as physical injuries and your pain will be removed faster.

16. Chanting Hanuman chalisa regularly and loudly removes negative energies from within you and also from your house.

17. Chant Hanuman chalisa before sleep to get better and comfort sleep.


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