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Sri Ghothanda Ramar Temple, Bagan Datoh, Perak

About the Temple
The temple deity is called Kothanda Sree Rama with his consort Sree Sita Devi at his right and his brother Sree Lakshmana to his left are placed in the sanctum. Also in the garbhagha is Hanuman kneeling with a state of prayer. The Sree Rama temple is located in Kuala Perak Estate, Bagan Datoh, Perak. 

Rama and Lakshmana carry the arrows in their right hands and strung bows in their left hands. According to Kampan, the term Kothanda Rama connotes kingship and kingly right to punish wrong-doers. Kampan projects Kothanda Rama as the Champion of Dharma, a hero whose heroic-beauty, heroic-kingship and heroic quality as Warrior-Hero combine to overcome the forces of Adharma.

Thus, Sree Rama is revered for his unending compassion, courage and devotion to religious values and duty. In honour of Lord Sree Rama, this temple was build for all his greatness and supremely powerful potencies to reside gracefully and magnificently at Kuala Perak Sree Rama Temple.

The epic of Sree Rama whose influence has been felt widely in South East Asia inspired our Late Tun V.T.Sambanthan to build a temple for Lord Sree Rama. NLFCSs Kuala Perak Estate which is situated near Bagan Datoh where Sungai Perak meets the sea was chosen for the temple in the year 1974.

Mr.G.Thiagarajan, a well known architect from famous Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu drew the architectural plans for the temple. The temple foundation-stone was laid by late Tun V.T.Sambanthan, Tan Sri Dato  K.R.Somasundram, late Thiru K.K.Samy, late Thiru V.Meenachi Sundram and the Directors of NLFCS on an auspicious day in September 1977 in the presence of Mr.G.Vanmeeganathan, a renowned temple stapathy who was specially assigned from Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu for the construction of the temple.

Unfortunately, the late Tun V.T.Sambanthan who aspired to build the temple and laid its foundation died on 18.5.1979. His efforts to build the temple were continued with utmost priority by Tan Sri Dato K.R.Somasundram and the Board of Directors and members of NLFCS who genuinely deserve the credit for completing the construction of the temple.

With the help of more than 30 sculptors, Mr.G.Vanmeeganathan, the stapathy has constructed the temple as a masterpiece which is artistic and intriguing with a unique architectural structure. He has constructed the temple Inner Sanctum, Vimaanam, Great Hall, Gopurams, Garudas Shrine, and Flag Pole according to relevant Hindu sastras. Twenty four (24) granite pillars each of which was specially carved with sculptures of four Saiva and Vaishnava were brought by ship and erected as supporting pillars for the temple. The statues of Sree Rama, Sree Sita, Sree Lakshmana and Sree Hanuman also from Mahabalipuram have been housed in the inner sanctum of the temple together with Urchava Moorthis.

The first Maha Sambrotchanam (Maha Kumbabishegam) for Sree Rama Temple was carried out by 7 Battachariars (priests) under the direction of Sree Sambasiva Sivachariar of Tamil Nadu on 25th May, 1989.

As part of the second phase of Sree Rama temple construction work, shrines for Lord Ganesha, Sree Lakshmana and Sree Hanuman have been completed as planned and Kumbabishegam for these shrines were also held. For the third phase, Sree Sakti Maha Mariamman temple is under construction and it is expected to be ready before the third Maha Sambrotchanam planned for early 2015.

Operation hours - All days
Morning: 6.00am - 10.30am
Evening: 6.00pm - 9.20pm

Contact Details 
Temple management: Mr.R.Gopalakrishnan (+605 646 6255)

Kothanda Sree Rama Aalayam, 
Kuala Perak Estate, Bagan Datoh, Malaysia


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