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Sundara Gandam - Chapter 1

The destroyer of enemies, Hanuman started in search of Sita. He looked like a fusion of Ox, Lion and Elephant.  Facing the east direction, he told his prayers to his father Vayu Bhagvan (Wind God), to Lord Brahma(the creator of human beings), Lord Surya (the Sun), to Ram-Lakshman, and circumambulated once. He bid good bye to all of his troops and prepared to start.

He kept his backfoot firm on the mountain and pressed it hard to start . The entire mountain trembled. Gods, Devas and Sidhas in heaven, saw Hanuman with awe.

Hanuman addressed the troops “I will go to Lanka. If I don’t see mother Sita, I will go to heaven in search of her. If I cant find her there too, I will chain Ravana and drag him here. Else I will uproot the entire Lanka and bring it here “

Hanuman started his journey through air. His hands looked like 5 headed snakes. His eyes looked like Sun and the moon. It appeared as if a Mountain is flying with wings. His shadow appeared so beautiful in the Ocean. Sun reduced its intensity and a cool breeze blew making it easier for Hanuman.

MaiNagam Mountain offers resting place to Hanuman
In the Bay of Bengal, there is a mountain called “MaiNagam ” that is submerged. The Lord of the Seas commanded the mountain MaiNagam to rise up and offer resting place for Hanuman. “MaiNagam ” rose above the sea in the path of Hanuman. Hanuman thought that it’s a bad omen and it is obstructing his path. He got angry. He hit the mountain with his Chest and moved it. However “MaiNagam ” said , “ Vayuputhra (Son of the Wind God), you are going on a very noble cause. i was instructed by the Lord of the Seas to help you by offering some place for you to rest. You can take a small rest on my head and have some fruits and then continue your journey to Lanka”

MaiNagam mountain, mentioned that he is thankful to Hanumans Father (Lord Vayu), for saving him from Lord Indira. Indira, once has cut the wings of all the mountains. At that time, Lord Vayu, pushed Mainagam mountain into the Sea and its wings were saved from Indira.

Hanuman, realized the good intentions of the mountain and became happy. However, he said , staying there would delay his progress and he has told himself that he will not stop anywhere before reaching Lanka and appreciated the courtesy shown by “MaiNagam” mountain. He thanked it and continued the journey.

Hanuman meets snake Surasai
Now the Devas, decided to test Hanumans intensity and spoke to the Queen of Snakes ‘Surasai’. They said do a small interruption to Hanuman and see how he reacts. Surasai, rose up from the sea and saw hanuman and told “Im hungry , im going to eat you”. Hanuman mentioned that , he will become the food of the Snake, but not now. He is going in search of Sita Devi and he will come back successfully and become the food for the Snake. However The Snake Surasai was not in agreement with this. It told Hanuman, if you have to go beyond me, you have to go through my mouth.

Hanuman, shrank himself to the tiniest of the particles and went inside the mouth of the snake Surasai and came out. He bid good bye to the snake and continued his journey

Hanuman kills demon Simhigai
When he continued his journey, demon Simhigai, who was punished by Sukrivan (the head of vanara troops), pulled hanuman by his shadow. She wanted to swallow Hanuman. Hanuman, shrank himself and went inside the mouth of Simhigai. Once he was in her mouth, he grew to his maximum size (Vishwaroop). This tore the Simhigai into pieces. Hanuman was happy with the victory and he thought its a good omen and continued his journey to Lanka happily. This demonstrates that a person with proper goals and objectives will tear apart all the obstacles.

He became normal size and continued his journey . He saw Lanka in the distance.

[Chapter 1 (Sargam 1) of Sundara Kandam ends here]

Yatra yatra Raghunatha KirtanamTatra
tatra kritha mastakanjalim
Bhaspavaan paripurna lochanam
Marutim namata rakshasanthakam

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