Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Vayuputra Mission is a spiritual movement which forms the core and passion of Hanuman Spirituality. The mission is a philanthropic, volunteer movement founded by devotees of Hanuman which focuses on extensive welfare work including humanity activities, religious and culture awareness efforts, youth agility support and intellectual broadcasting resolutions which provide a new approach and understandings on Hinduism values. It uses the combined efforts of various devotees, gurus, teachings and interpretations to deliver the most effective way in sparking the curiosity of Dharma and religious sustainability. The mission bases its work on the principles of Ramayana which the devotees upholds it as the Array of Rama.

Mission: To develop and cultivate Hanuman awareness beyond borders.

The Layout of Vayuputra Mission includes:
1. Free motivation and spiritual talks
2. Hanuman temple visits and research studies 
3. Humanitarian activities and group prayers
4. Hanuman teachings and philosophies
5. Service to Hanuman
6. Youth empowerment

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