Sunday, February 19, 2017

Serendah Hanuman Temple, Selangor

On 18 Feb 2017, The team made an exploration visit to the Serendah Hanuman Temple located somewhere around the Serendah rock quarry. As our research team arrived to a small neighborhood before the quarry, we interviewed some local folks about the temple and we were informed that the temple had been long up there on a hill next to the quarry. We were also warned not to go there alone because of the presence of our Kutty Hanumans (monkeys). As we continued the search, we managed to find the route but there was no indication that it was the route to the temple. In the name of Lord Hanuman, we continued our journey up the hill as there were many routes branched out. 

Upon arrival, we found a Krishna Temple believed to be there since 1968. As we search further down, we managed to locate the Hanuman Temple. Our arrival was welcomed by a breeze-ful presence of him standing there magnificently. Our research team proceeded with a small prayer, discussions and a meditation session while playing a few Hanuman songs including Hanuman Chalisa. We have also placed a note at the temple for the person in-charge to contact us back for further development opportunities.

About the Temple
Our research team received few stories and experiences about the temple prior to his visits and the power of Lord Hanuman. Upon arriving to his location, you will pass by the Serendah International Orchid Park and a Rock Quarry. The temple is located on top of a palm oil tree estate hill which establishes a beautiful and peaceful scenery. The temple's view elevates our spiritual experience thus providing us an opportunity to not only communicate but bind with his strong presence there. 

Above the temple is a Lord Krishna Temple which was closed and the operating hours was uncertain. There is no water facility to both the temples and is to be relied on the rain water collection to a small tub.  A partially structured temple is also presence with a small stone (believed to be a kulla-deivam) and a self made "Trisulam" which is believed to represent Lord Muneeswaran. A note on the wall warning visitors to avoid vandal activities signifies on the existence of a caretaker group taking care the temple. 

In the Hanuman temple, besides Lord Hanuman himself, we have also identified a strong presence of Arunagirinathar Sittar which his image resides next to Lord Hanuman. Based on our observation, the temple is believed to receive many "visitors" as you will personally realize upon visiting this temple. 

Operation hours
Anytime - recommended to be visit only during the day

No official temple address was recorded , attached is the location map for your reference : 

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