Thursday, February 2, 2017

Who is Panchamuga Hanuman ?

Hanuman assumed Panchamuga or five-faced form to kill Ahiravana or Mayil Ravan and who is brother of Ravan who held lord Rama and Lakhman in captivity. In order to get their release from his confinement at Pathaal lok, an angry Hanuman on war with Ahiravana or Mayil Ravan took the form of Panchamuga that is five faces with himself in centre and fierce faces of Narasimma, Garuda, Varahar, and Hayagriva facing different directions. It was destined that Ahiravana could be killed only if the burning lights of five lamps burning in different directions is extinguished, all at the same instant. To accomplish this task an angry Lord Hanuman had to assume Panchamuga form, and extinguished the lamps in one go to annihilate Ahiravana or Mayil Ravana. 

Hanuman is seen carrying several weapons in his hands besides the forms like Narasimma, Garuda, Varahar, and Hayagriva who keep vigilance and has control over the five directions – north, south, east, west and the upward direction. The aspect of Panchamuga Hanuman is Ugraha deity, but approachable by humans in his temples with prayers which he happily grants if done with pure mind in honesty and faith.

Since Panchamuga Hanuman is one amongst Upasana deities, mostly Satvik and Tantric offer prayers to Lords of ugraha postures and house wives are advised to desist from offering prayers at home to such ugraha deities. The housewives can offer prayers to such deities in normal manner if they wish to keep their pictures in their prayer halls.

Panchamuga hanuman is mainly prayed for the following:

· To ward off evils and effects of black magic
· For attainment of spiritual development
· For gains in business deals
· To ward off graha and vastu dosha
· To derive courage and mental strength

Therefore if one desire to get peace in family, remove discordant between husband and wife leading to cordial relationship, peace of mind and happiness at home they can offer prayers to Lord Hanuman in cool and composed posture such as sitting or standing hanuman with words Ram, Ram inscribed all over. The sandal paste and cinnabar called Kungumam can be applied on his tail commencing from beginning to end of the tail without any ritual. However once the prayer process commences, it should not be discontinued like applying for one week, break it for a week and recommence from the place where it was discontinued, except for monthly periods which has been exempted from sin.

Such a practice done with Panchamuga Hanuman at home without observing proper rituals may instead of alleviating the problem aggravate the situation disturbing peace and harmony at home as seen in many houses who practice such a ritual with Panchamuga Hanuman.  Therefore if someone still desired to only practice the process with Panchamuga Hanuman, better take the advice of a Guru and observe the norms strictly, lest be ready to face the ill effects on account of improper praying process.


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