Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bhima and Hanuman

Arjuna had gone to the Himalayas in quest of Divine weapons from Indra. In case of war he Would have to face invincible warriors like Bhishma, Drona, Kripa, Aswatthama, Karna And many others. For this it was necessary to acquire more power. The other four Pandavas and Draupadi found life devoid of joy in his absence. Desiring a change of scene, they now Moved on in search of a more peaceful place.

At last they came to the Narayanasrama forest. They decided to take rest and stay there for a while. One day, the north-east wind wafted a Flower near Draupadi. The sweet scent of the flower charmed her. Draupadi felt a deep desire to possess that flower known as Saugandhika. She requested Bhima to get her that flower. She was very insistent. Bhima was only too pleased to satisfy her least desire. He forthwith set out in the direction from which the fragrance came.

The way through the forest was far from easy. Before long at the foot of a mountain he saw a huge monkey resting on his path, blocking his way. He asked the monkey to get up and clear the way for him. The monkey was in no mood to oblige. It said: “I am too old and weak to move. You can jump over me” Proud Bhima, Incensed by this insolence, Bhima again asked the Monkey to move.

Bhima said ‘You old monkey, You don’t know who you are talking to. I am a Kshatriya from the Kuru race. I am the son of Kunti and the Wind god. I am Bhima, brother of famous Hanuman. So, if you offend me any further, you will incur my wrath. I command you to better get up and move aside without wasting my time. The monkey said “If you are in such hurry, you can move my tail aside and go ahead.”

Bhima’s threats did not have any effect on the monkey. Instead, it asked “Who is Hanuman. Tell me what is so great about him. What did he do?” Bhima told him “How can you be so silly and ignorant? Have you not heard of the mighty Hanuman who jumped over to Lanka, across the sea, one hundred yojanas wide, to find Sita , Rama’s Wife? Indeed you are ignorant” The monkey only smiled.

Finding no other way, Bhima tried to pull the monkey’s tail aside .But he could not move it even a little bit. He put all his might in the endeavor, but to no avail. In spite of his best efforts he could not move the tail. Bhima felt very humiliated and subdued. He told the monkey “You are no ordinary monkey. Please tell me who you are. I accept defeat and bow to you”. Hanuman said “Bhima, I am Hanuman, the name you mentioned a while ago.

Hanuman said, “I am your brother. Your path ahead is perilous. It is the path of the gods and is not safe for men. So I came to caution you. I knew you have come to collect the Saugandhika flower. I shall show you the pond, where this flower grows. You can collect as many as you want and go back.” Bhima was happy. He bowed to Hanuman and requested him to show his huge form in which he jumped over the sea to land on Lanka.

Hanuman increased his size till he seemed to occupy the whole landscape, like a hill. His form was dazzlingly white; so Bhima had to cover his eyes. Resuming his normal form, Hanuman embraced Bhima and blessed him. He also assured him “When you roar like a lion on the battle field, my voice shall join yours and strike terror in the hearts of your enemies. 


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