Saturday, March 18, 2017

Shree Maha Kaliamman, Templer Park, Rawang

About the temple
The Kaliamman temple at Templer park, Rawang is located near the entrance of the Templer Commonwealth Park entrance where the sight of the temple situated by the riverbank will give you make you wait for a few second to enjoy the view and the jungle aroma before attaining a spiritual experience in the temple. 

The research team was welcome by a flock of monkeys around the temple and we were very astonished to see how curious and excited the monkeys were just to see us arrived there. 

One may feel the strong connection and binding of the temple with the surrounding landscape, river and jungle as the significant of the rituals and practices do strengthen that connection and bond.

The main deity of the temple is Lord Maha Kaliamman, with Lord Muniswarar, Sanggili Karupar, Lord Vinayagar, Lord Naagamma, Lord Madurai Veerar near the river bank and Lord Hanuman. 

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  1. But now this temple no one look after. Nagamam status broken..very sad to see this.. Hope anyone can renovate this temple.