Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sundara Gandam - Chapter 3

As Hanuman entered lanka from the side of Suvela mountains he was very happy seeing such a wonderful city. He thought except for Sukreevan, Kusarpan, Kedhumalan and himself no other member of Vanara troop can easily enter this city.

Lanka looked like a beautiful lady with an entrance decorated with the costliest of gem stones like Ruby, emerald. He compared the city to a beautiful lady decorated with ornaments, wearing costliest dresses.

He thought about the capabilities and power of Ram Lakshman and felt joyous about it. As he was roaming around the City the guardess of the City , Langini appeared before him and questioned his presence there. Hanuman, questioned her back and enquired about her. She mentioned that she has the responsibility of guarding the city and no one can enter the city without her permission. and if Hanuman wants to enter the City it can happen only after he wins over her or kills her. Hanuman, was not interested in fighting with a lady and he just punched her with his left fist. She felt terrible pain and fell down.

Hanuman, felt bad about what he has done to a lady. Langini came back on her feet and mentioned that Brahma has promised her, that a day when she is won over by a Vanara (Monkey) lankas end begins. Also she mentioned that , it marks the beginning of the defeat of Ravana, who has abducted Sita in a wrong way.

She wished him success and allowed him into the city.

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