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Kuil Sri Muneeswarar Nagammal Alayam (Sri Narayani Sevallayam), Bestari Jaya, Kuala Selangor

A visit which was not in our list and took us (the research team) by surprise. Located at a very humbled scenery in the heart of Bestari Jaya town, Koil Sri Muneeswarar Nagammal Alayam is said to have been there since 1965 and was founded by Mr.Pattukhan Babukhan. 

(Lord Hanuman)

Mr.Pattukhan was one of the earliest settlers in Kampong India, Bestari Jaya (formerly known as Batang Berjuntai). When he reached there, it was a bushy place and he started to clean it up, he manage to cattle few cows and settled down at small lot of land near the place. As years passed, he sensed a strong presence of a positive vibration near a self-existing anthill (paambhu puthu). Mr.Pattukhan also experienced a total change in his life during that time, he was able to get into amman trance and assist the local folks by giving them arulvakku

From a humble establishment back in the 1965 till date, the temple had experienced many forms of development and many changes, Mr.Pattukhan and his nephew, Mr.Manimaran (the current caretaker and priest of the temple) believed on a same cause, which is to transform the place into a Gurukolam (Religious Institute) rather than a temple by itself. The temple is Prathanai focused temple, no Yantras were installed and was solely based on callings and signs from nature. Many Swamijis have visited this temple and they all shared the same observation, that there is a presence of sittars in that area (sitthar's swasam). 

(temple entrance)
Lord Hanuman
Mr.Manimaran received a vaaku uruthi through a medium stating that there will be 9 forces (sakthi) which will reside in the temple, but the "when" and "how" was the question mark, he was confused on the next 6 shaktis and he had to wait, at that time, the temple had only 3 main deity, which is Lord Muniswarar, Lord Nagamma and Lord Ambal. During Shree Rama Navami in year 2002, there was a sudden appearance of a whirldwind near a sandy part of the temple which caught the attention of Mr.Manimaran. Something interesting about the whirlwind was that mild image of Lord Hanuman that he witnessed, which gave him the hunch and sign that Lord Hanuman is the 4th sakthi of the temple. He decided to dedicate an image of him in one of the main moolastanam

(Main Deities, Presiding Deity is Lord Muniswarar)

Lakhmi Narayani Amma
The main highlight of this temple is the visit of Sri Lakshmi Narayani Amma swamiji which ignited the turning point of the temple. During the Bukit Rotan Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam Temple kumbabhishegam, His Holiness Sri Lakshmi Narayani Amma swamiji was invited to be one of the chief Swamiji to officiate and conduct the main prayers of the kumbabhishegam. Mr.Manimaran got the opportunity to have a few words with him and invited him to the temple. By surprise, he visited the temple and spent nearly 2 hours in conducting prayers, offer blessings and many activities which gave a shock to both temple officials and swamiji's management team. 

(second entrance arch)

Other temple miracles
As Mr.Manimaran was at the temple compound, suddenly he was visited by a family from ipoh, an old man and a mid-age couple. The old man explained to him how the couple (his son and daughter-in-law) did not have a baby for the past 13 years and received a dream about a calling from Lord Veppalaikari to visit a neem tree a light a camphor. The old man told that they took nearly 2 months to find the exact location in the dream but did not manage to locate it. The shocking part was, their visit to the Bestari Jaya was just an occasional relative visit but was accidentally diverted to the temple during their search of the relative's house. As they were passing the temple, the daughter-in-law requested to stop the car as she recognizes the dried Neem tree outside of the temple which was believed to be the same tree in her dream. She immediately requested permission from one of the temple workers to light a camphor at the tree and continued their journey. A month later, the couple received the good news that her pregnant test was positive and visited back the temple. Mr.Manimaran was surprised after hearing this story from the old man, because for some time being, he had a small instinct that Lord Amman was there but did not took it seriously, and after hearing the story and request from the family, Mr.Manimaran took the decision to restructure the temple to include a part of the Neem Tree in the temple. He now believed that Lord Veppalaikari is now the 9th sakthi of the temple. Surprisingly, after installing Lord Veppalaikari image at the tree, the dried tree came to live and it is now growing till today. 

(Lord Veppalaikaari)

We were questioned why Mr.Pattukhan was sitting outside the of temple and did not want to enter prior to our visit. We did not knew that there was an interesting experience behind it. Mr.Mani explained that few years back, Mr.Pattukhan stopped giving arulvakkus due to his age and health condition and everytime he enters the temple, the snakes from the anthill will always come out to see him and he believed this will frighten the devotees that visited the temple. On these occasions, he decided to only walk around the temple and will go inside the temple early in the morning once a while. 

( research team with Mr.Pattukhan(centre) )

Cow feeding
There were few cows in the temple and we were told that the cow poojas will be conducted on a daily basis. Devotees are given the opportunity to feed the cows (bread or fruits) which will bond a good relationship and special moments while feeding and enjoying their cute reactions. 

Mr.Manimaran shared a message on what he believed in, not everyone will get all solution in all temples, each of us will get a calling in a very interesting way when the time is right and the person will have the ability to sense it. Each point in our life is connected towards a place that we might not even know maybe due to ancestral deeds and past life actions that will bring us back to that same place when the time is right. This mirrors the beauty of our karmic theory and strengthen the beliefs in us which keeps us driving towards the supreme principles of spirituality.

Operation hours
Morning: 7.30am - 10.30am
Evening: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Contact Details 
Temple Priest - Mr.Mani- 019-3443670

Kuil Sri Muneeswarar Nagammal Alayam
Lot 1666, 1665, 1664, Kampong India, Bestari Jaya, Selangor. 

(The circle in red is the temple compound)

(Temple's back compound)

(Lord Muneeswarar)

(Lord Naagama)

(The seven Shaptakannis)

(Discussion time with our research team)

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