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Sri Ramabakthar Aanjeneyar Temple, Regat Tun Perak, Ipoh, Perak

Located in the heart of Ipoh, Sri Ramabakthar Aanjeneyar Temple stands tall along Regat Tun Perak aligned with our Maha Ganapathy Aalayam, Gudhwara Sahib Railway Ipoh, and a Maha Kaaliamman temple. No doubt that the temple is located exactly behind the famous Ipoh Railway station as it gives a nostalgic touch towards the old structures and buildings which were well preserved and maintained. 

Lord Aanjeneyar (Moolastanam)

An appreciation is a must to the founder of the temple, Mr.Bala and his wife, Mrs.Mageswari for not only welcoming us warmly, but also revealing some of the best insides which we belief is worth of a sharing.

History of the temple
Mr.Bala was one of the ealiest settlers in the region. In year 1983, as he was cleaning up an empty space to let his goats and cattles roam, he was approached by some to claim the place with an unknown intention. Uncomfortable with their approach, Mr.Bala hounded them away and sensed that this place manifested a supreme destine and should be dedicated to a god (or a temple), which he himself do not know whom. 

One fine day as he was drinking coffee at a small restaurant in the old Ipoh town, he was approached by an idol trader that sells God images. Going through the catalog, Mr.Bala was attracted with a 1.5 foot Hanuman idol, but the interesting part is, till date, he still did not know who he (Lord Hanuman) is and always refer him as Lord Ramar, he always address Lord Hanuman as Lord Ramar till one of his friend and the trader had to clarify the actual fact. With short of cash,  he paid whatever he had and promised to settle the balance upon delivery. To his surprise, few days later, the trader showed up passed him the statue without accepting the balance payment, he explained on how Lord Hanuman demanded him through numerous visions and dreams to pass Mr.Bala the idol as soon as he can. 

(Interview session with Mr.Bala (right))

This incident triggered Mr.Bala's connectivity calling towards the supreme being which lead to the installing of Sri Hanuman as the main moolastanam in year 1984. The tale of how a man that did not knew who was Lord Hanuman once upon a time and decided to dedicate a home to the Lord activated a spiritual journey of Lord Hanuman in Ipoh. A small stone that was situated in the original place of the moolastanam was relocated to Lord Naagama's sannathi. Many miracles took place upon this installation. Some included visions in the dreams that have leaded them to them temple. A police officer (transferred from Johor Bharu) used to pass by the temple daily but did not visit the temple. Out of the sudden, he approached Mr.Bala and told him how Lord Hanuman appeared in his dream and joked about him not visiting his place despite passing by and acknowledging him. Based on Mr.Bala's sharing, many of these occurrences took place which leads to one conclusion, only those who visit the temple will know his "magimai" (wonder).

Operation hours
Morning: 7.30am - 12.00pm
Evening: 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Contact Details 
Mrs.Mageswari: 012-6724267

Sri Ramabakthar Aanjeneyar Temple, Persiaran Tun Perak, 30200, Ipoh, Perak

(Lord Hanuman)

(Lord Hanuman with Lord Shiva Lingga)

(Lord Hanuman)

(Lord Hanuman)

(Lord Hanuman)

(Lord Panchamuga Hanuman)

(Lord Hanuman, Lord Laksamanan, Lord Raama, Lord Sita)

(Lord Vinayagar)

(Lord Murugan)

(Lord Hanuman)

(Lord Naagama sannathi)

(Lord Raamar sannathi)

(Lord Mahalakhsmi)

(Lord Vengadachalabathy)

(Lord Garudan)

(Lord Ganesha)

(Lord Muneeswarar sannathi)

(Lord Muneeswarar)

(Lord Shivan Sannathi)

(Lord Saneeswarar Sannathi - one of the temple which only have a special sannathi dedicated to Lord Saneeswarar in Ipoh)

(Lord Madurai Veerar)

(Dato sannathi)

(Lord Vadai Pathara Kaaliamman)

(The original stone which used to be located in the current Moolastanam)

(Sri Ramabakthar Aanjeneyar Temple complex)

(Malaysia Hanuman Research Team Member with Temple Founding Family Members)

(Lord Hanuman at Temple entrance)

(Temple entrance wall)

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