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Sundara Gandam - Chapter 8 - 9

Chapter 8 – Pushpak – the Aerial Car–Description
Amidst the palaces of the Ravana and other demons, Hanuman found the most beautiful aerial car. It was made of Gold and decorated with the most precious gemstones and diamonds. This was built by the Great architect, Vishwakarma , himself. It is believed that Vishwakarma, after finishing this Aerial Car, announced, “this would be the most beautiful one of all those that I have created”.

It was floating in the air, rather than being on the ground. It is capable of travelling at high speeds in the sky without any obstacles and giving complete comfort to all those who are travelling in it. Some of the special functions it had were not found even in the Aerial Cars of Devas.

In the Previous birth, Ravana , was in a penance  for 16,000 years and got this after winning over the Wealth God Kuberan.

It had best food items, the decorations of Spring season, flowers, flower trees, statue of Goddess Lakshmi, scriptures of different demon faces,  scriptures of different animals, birds and decorated with cats-eye, gemstones, diamonds and Ruby.

Lord Hanuman , was in awe seeing such a wonderful creation and he was surprised.

Chapter 9 – Hanuman enters the inner buildings of Ravana
Hanuman started wandering in search of Sita. He came across the biggest of the buildings , the Palace of Ravana . It was 1 Yojana (8 miles) in length and 1/2 Yojana ( 4 miles) in width.

Hanuman, saw the Pushpak – the aerial car and entered into Pushpak.The Place was full of beautiful woman, demonesses, Princess from across the country. Hanuman, went to Ravanas Bedroom.

Hanuman was enticed by the sweet smell of the food and the sweets. He went to the hall where he saw beautiful woman lying down and  in the middle the Ravana was there. The Hallway was decorated by gems, corals and diamonds. the pillars were made of Gold , silver and embedded with the precious of gems.

the carpet had pictures of mountains, rivers, valleys, trees, forests, city painted in the most artistic manner. It appeared as if all the countries that were ruled by different rules are represented in the carpet.. Flowers were strewn around everywhere which was giving a great fragrance. It appeared as if everything is provided by the Pushpak car.

Hanuman wondered if it is the place of Indira or the place of Devas or the place of Brahma. It had all the comforts and it appeared the most ideal place that one could be.

He saw the woman wearing golden ornaments and it was glowing so strongly that it appeared as if the place is bright because of lamps.

The faces of the women lying around were so beautiful and Hanuman compared it to  a dense Lotus pond with a lot of Lotuses around.  The women were intoxicated by the wine and the tiredness after their dance and a long day.

Amidst all these women, Ravana appeared like a Moon sleeping in the middle

The ornaments that the woman wore did not make any sound. The woman were sleeping on one another with one woman heads on another s bossom , that woman lying on the thighs of another forming a garland . The dresses of some of the women were not in place and  those who were enjoyed by Ravana, appeared like a garland crushed by an Elephant. The women were kissing each other thinking that it is Ravana and they had too much of sexual attraction to Ravana.

All these woman belong to the upper castes, demonesses, princess who were attracted to Ravana and came to him voluntarily unlike Sita.

Hanuman thought that “Sita is virtuous and she is so devoted to her husband Rama. She also should go and join Rama, the same way Ravanas wives are with him.”

The thought of Sita made Hanuman Gloomy. “Sita is definitely the best by virtues. This Ravana has done a great Sin, by abducting Sita and bringing here and keeping her arrested here against her wish”.


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