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Total Lunar Eclipse on 31.1.2017 & It's Impact especially on Thaipusam Festival

Lunar or Moon Eclipse happen during the moon passes though Earth shadow. Coming 31.1.2018 at 7.48pm to 11.11pm (Malaysia Time) will be facing Full Lunar Eclipse event during the moon passes the centre of the Earth's shadow - this called Chandragrahanam சந்திர கிரகணம் in Tamil. According to culture of Humanbeing, during the time - Moon will be eaten by Snake (Indian) & eaten by Dragon (Chinese).

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Why Lunar Eclipse gives impact (SCIENCE)?
Normal routine of earthlife, we need Moon for normal earth activities which is deciding factor for sea tide flow, flesh growth of living nature, climates change, human & organism behaviourial changes .

According to Britt Ingjerd Nesheim studies, professor & physician in obstetrics and gynaecology at University Oslo - lunar phenomena would disturb the aquatic balance in our heads & coincidence of mentrual cycle. Meanwhile, Greek philosopher Aristotle and Roman historian Pliny the Elder believed that because our brain was a " moist " organ, our minds were influenced by the pull of the moon in the same way the tides are!

So, we could conclude here any changes on the Moon would give impact on earth & earthlivings specifically on MIND matters as stated in Newton's 3rd Law - For Every Action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! Same here, if much more shades (impact) happen on moon, there will be more reaction & impact on earth & earthlivings as it is much much nearer to Earth!

KARAGATUVA (Embodiment) of MOON on Human Body according to VEDIC ASTROLOGY
Moon has karagatuva/ embodiment/ connection on human body as below:
a) Heart
b) Lungs
c) Mind
d) Blood
e) Left Eye
f) Breast
g) Alimentary canal
h) Water in Body
i) Intestines
j) lymph
k) kidneys


So, indirectly any tremendous changes on moon will create diseases/problems for these organs. It may be not soon, BUT it surely will be a nice START for it!

According to Narada Purana, one shouldn't consume food generally four hours before & after the solar eclipse and three hours before & after LUNAR ECLIPSE! It is believed that a kind of pollution permeates the atmosphere when the solar and LUNAR ECLIPSE takes place. Hence, the prohibition for eating anything before and after their occurence.

According Skanda Purana (named after Lord Muruga), one should not eat someone else's food on an eclipse day. On this day (TAKE NOTE!) one should remain indoors while thinking about God. So, giving food donation on eclipse time would creates karma too! In case really can't avoid food consumption (especially) for baby, put some dharba grass in food to minimise dosha.

The practice of precaution by pregnant lady on Eclipse done refer to epic (Ithikasa) Valmiki Ramayana. King Dasaratha of Ayothya, really conscious of Lord Rama birth on right time by avoiding any eclipse event. So, it is clearly stated the Hindu practice of pregnant ladies during eclipse done very long ago even before Judaism & Christianity. Pregnant ladies shouldn't see eclipse even with naked eyes, see animal or meet cut nor injuries, cross legs and should b
 e indoor.

Also in Ramayana, Hanuman visited Sri Lanka for first time during Lunar Eclipse. Then, we know the history He burn the Ravana Palace & City with fire.

Even in Mahabharatha war, took place on Eclipse which creates massive disaster and death.

1) Refering on above references, any poojas on Temple should
be avoided during Lunar Eclipse time. 

2) According to Agamas, if temple closed at night it only should open the next morning (after proper cleaning with turmeric, Gho Jala)

3) Any piercing on body will create great impact for some people mainly pregnant lady & baby. As eclipe will create bad environment  during lunar eclipse( incondusive wavelenght - high level ultraviolet ray) it will  impact wet matters (food, milk, fruits & water) - so it surely not suitable & advisable to do milk abisegam and pooja for Lord Muruga.

4) Our body from head to toe full of sense receptors (according to English scientist)to absorb any kind of rays although could not seen by naked eyes at outdoor.

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