Thursday, December 26, 2019

Purna Phala (blessed fruit offering)

Jay shree Raam ! Purna Phala ! What is that? The divine offering of fruit which is complete in itself, which means if offering so that complete and perfect it’s believed the punya or merits is complete as well (Purna). An ancient practise from the time of Ramayana to offer lord hanuman with fruit he loves. 

Coconut is one such best of fruits. Sita Mata prayed to hanuman ji and offered while she was grieving in ravana s captive. She wished that hanuman would help to bring ram to her against the mighty ravana. Who would have ever thought  ravana who saw success after success despite indulgence in bad karma...would eventually fall, Ravan felt he felt to the ground and never to rise again. So Sita Mata a symbol of sanctity and pure sincere devotion, got her wishes fulfilled, we can too provided we r sincere n with devotion and the prayers are dharmic. Thus the ritual below conducted on hanuman Jayanti.

Step 1 - First sankalpa - Set the intention , time date etc and geographical location etc

Step 2 - The Chant and the offering

Step 3 - The flower and special raksha ( string ) sindur varna (color)

Step 4 - The tie ... the resolution the determination...the confidence

Step 5 - The chant continues 21 times at home 16 days with string on the wrist.

Article credits:
Thiru. Sivakumaran 
(Gnana Bodha Sabha Malaysia)

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