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Sundara Gandam: Chapter 11 – Hanuman continues the search in Ravanas private place

Chapter 11: Hanuman continues the search in Ravanas private place

Hanuman realised that the woman (Mandodari) he saw could not be Sita. Having separated from Rama, a noble and virtuous wife like Sita, would not be able to eat, drink or decorate herself with ornaments and indulge in the pleasures in Ravanas palace. Hanuman changed his mind and started searching Sita again.

He came across women who were sleeping with their dresses dislocated after indulging in sexual dalliance.  Among them was the great and mighty king Ravana sleeping like bull sleeping among the cows.

He went to the exotic drinking bar where he saw some men and women sleeping after drinking and sexual activities.

Hanuman felt bad  that he had to see women in such a compromising state and positions and he was worried if it casts a black mark in his brahmacharya. However he convinced himself that , he did not get mentally disturbed or attracted to any of these and he had done this in search of Maatha Sita, which was his duty. Sita could be searched only in the place of other women and it is very right of him to have looked for her in Ravanas private palace.

Hanuman moved away from the bar and continued his search for Sita in other places.

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