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Arulmigu Maha Sapthakanni Dewi Aalayam, Taman Bukit Kepayang, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

The Persatuan Penganut Devi Arulmighu Maha Sapthakanniga (a.k.a Arulmigu Maha Sapthakanni Dewi Aalayam) is located in the heart of Taman Bukit Kepayang, Seremban. Firmed against a beautiful backdrop of waving hills, luxuriant greenery and inspired by the terrain & scenic sight of the Seremban town, the temple presence itself will not only lead an experience of the divine essence and ambiance, but also the opportunity to appreciate and bind upon the natural green-beauty embracing the hilltop journey.

(Lord Hanuman)

The temple needs no introduction to the local devotees especially folks in Seremban. Being one of the most famous hill temples in Malaysia, the Arulmigu Maha Sapthakanni Dewi Aalayam holds a very interesting history and stories from its establishment dated 100 years back. 

During the British ruling, the Seremban Bukit Kepayang area is said to be surrounded with mining activities for silica minerals. Miners use explosives to blast part of a hill structure to ease the mining process of extracting the mineral. On one particular day, a group of workers continued their normal blasting procedure routine on one Victoria hill. But the miners faced an unusual problem which puzzled the workers and even the mining officials there - the explosives would never blast on that hill. Assuming that it was a technical problem and to not delay the mining works, they have decided to proceed mining using the old fashioned way of available machineries. Surprisingly, even the machines did not work on that hill. Due to the numbers of technicalities faced by the workers, they have decide to call it a day. 

(temple entrance)

On that night, the mining manager had a unique dream where 7 small girls plead to the managers not to proceed the mining activities on that hill as it was their home and play area, taking the dream for granted, the manager continued the mining efforts on the very next day and surprisingly, a new set of problem aroused - a number of the workers got injured with various injuries throughout the day, and some felt sick after that. For the past few days, the mining team faced many challenges which only result with a poor and minimum mining progress from that hill. This lead the manager to seek advice from a local Indian shaman. To his surprise, the manager was told of a presence of 7 devaithaigal (angels) which reside on that hill and its best to leave that particular hill alone. 

Upon knowing the existence of a divine force and rooting back to all the incidence that have occurred for the past week including the one he dreamt, the manager decided to seek forgiveness from the divine forces and in return, dedicate a shrine based on his vision in his dream, which is now known as the Sapthakanni Dewi Aalayam. 

(Lord Sapthakanni Dewis)

Lord Biramme, Mageswary, Gaumaree, Varaagi, Vyshnavi, Magenthari and Chamundee are said to be the seven Sapthakannis that resides the hill. 

Lord Hanuman
The deity of Lord Hanuman was only installed few years back, and there was a reason behind it. A local doctor visited India and had his astrology checked through a volai chuvadi (Nadi astrology), and he was informed that he will build a Hanuman temple in a place where 7 divine angels reside. Upon listening his prophecy from the Nadi astrologer, he decided to dedicate a Hanuman temple at the Bukit Kepayang Sapthakanni Temple as co-incidentally it was indeed a temple dedicated to 7 divine angelsUpon the completion of the temple and Kumbabhishegam (Temple Consecration) ceremony, the doctor's life had a positive changeover which elevated the local's beliefs towards Lord Hanuman's presence on the hill. 

(Lord Hanuman Shrine in Sapthakanni Temple)

(Lord Hanuman)

(Lord Hanuman)

The Hanuman temple is located on the compound edge which gives the devotees a beautiful view of Seremban town, if devotees are lucky enough, they may even be able to witness "special" visitors to the temple. Many devotees have also experience a strong divine presence in the Hanuman temple which have uplifted their divine experience before Lord Hanuman.    

Miracles from the temple
The were many miracles recorded from the temple, some of them was shared by the temple Iyer to our research team member,  beginning on the Iyer's personal experience on hearing kollusu (silver anklet) with childrens playing, running and laughing around the temple compound in the middle of the night, sometimes during day time. There were events that the temple workers and Iyers will receive a strong jasmine scent which will be there for few seconds, even in the middle of the night. 

The temple Iyer also shared to us on the experience of some devotees that was guided to the temple through a vision in their dreams, he said many devotees that visited the temple had the vision of temple before even knowing the existence of the temple. Some managed to recognized it through the surrounding area including asking the local folks around by picturing the landmarks they visioned in their dream. Some manage to recognized it through the Gopuram (temple monumental tower) that can been viewed from the nearby roads and highways. Some was guided through hearsay after explaining their dream to the close friends and associates. The temple Iyer believes that the Sapthakanni Dewis will communicate with selected devotees's through dreams in guiding them to the temple. 

There were many incidents and sights where local folks witness 7 young girls walking around the hills during the odd hours. Once, there was a local man that was walking by the foothill and unintentionally noticed 7 girls walking at one part of the jungle near the hill, to his surprise, he shouted towards them, and to get their attention,  he even made fun of them. Few days later, the man was down with chicken pox and throughout the week, he had few dreams of 7 young girls, believed to be Sapthakannis. Upon his recovery, he visited the temple and seek forgiveness. He shared his experience with the local folks stressing on his belief towards the existence of Sapthakanni Dewi at the hill.

The Iyer also said that during the Full Moon prayers (pournami pooja), many devotees that visited the temple will somehow gain various form of benefits or witness personal miracles. For instance, during a pournami pooja few years back,  out of a sudden one particular devotee witnessed an occurrence in front of the second Sapthkanni image where the tray infront of her was flocked with jasmine flowers by itself which set the devotee in a very stunning state during that moment. Occurrences like these do happened often.

Sapthakanni Dewis
Sapthakanni Dewis are known as women warriors blessed with divine powers to save and protect the local girls and womens that were terrorized and misbehaved by evil Asuras and Demon Kings during ancient times. 

It is said that the Sapthakannis love childrens. Married couples without children may come here to perform a practice of tying a sacred knot with their venduthal (prayer intention) around the Veppalai (neem) tree, Arasa Maram (sacred fig tree) and also trees in front of the Sapthakanni's paarvai (view). Individuals that have marriage problem also may come here to pray for a smooth marriage. Many have returned to the temple and shared their experience on how their marriage and childless problem was solved after visiting the temple. 

(the sacred knots tied around the tree)

(the sacred knots tied around the tree)

(The Neem Tree and Arasa Maram (sacred fig tree))

Other Deities
Besides Lord Ganesha, the temple also resides Lord Shivan, Lord Nagarajah. Lord Naagamal, Lord Ayyapan, Lord Kuberan, Lord Veerapathiran, Lord Kuan Yin and also Naagakanni Dewis (The Iyer informed us on not to be confused with Sapthakanni Dewis and Naagakanni Dewis as they are two different divine powers which represents two different dimension of energies)

The temple Iyer also briefed us on Lord Ayyapan and a shrine dedication to Lord Pathinettam Padi Karuppan & Karuppammal - the guardian of the 18 Holy Steps of Ayyapan Temple.

Operation hours
Daily : 7.30am - 9.00pm (temple will never close in between)

Contact Details 
Temple Presiden- Mr. Rajen - 0196209259

Persatuan Penganut Devi Arulmighu Maha Sapthakanniga 
LOT 35648 Bukit Kepayang off Seremban 2
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. 

(Lord Vinayagar)

(Lord Nagarajah)

(Lord Veerapathirar)

(Lord Naagammal)

(Temple view from Lord Shivan shrine)

(Lord Kuberan's temple)

(Lord Kuberan)

(Lord Ayyapan)

(Lord Ayyapan's Temple)

(Lord Ayyapan Temple)

(Lord Pathunetam Padi Karrupar and Karruparammal)

(Lord Bajeri)

(Lord Naagakanni and Lord Kuan Yin)

(Lord Shiva)

(Seremban Town View from Temple)

(Panoramic View of Seremban Town from Temple)

(Interview session with Temple Iyer)

(Temple Direction Map) 

(Temple Location)

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