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Sundara Gandam - Chapter 4 - 7

Chapter 4 - In search of Sita
Hanuman, was happy in winning over Langini and continued his journey into Lanka. Its considered auspicious to enter the enemys place with left feet first and he did so. He saw the palaces and he was happy. As he roamed around he came across a palace heavily guarded by demons and realised that it is Ravanas palace. He went to the entry door of the Ravanas Palace to see how it is.

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Chapter 5 – The Rise of the Moon
Hanuman , searched for Sita in Ravanas palace and in his private garden. He could not find her and he was extremely worried. He saw that the moon looked beautiful like a swan. He saw the demons were making love with their wives and were happy. However , he could not find the most beautiful and disciplined lady , Sita anywhere. Being extremely worried about not finding Sita anywhere he became  dull minded.

Chapter 6 – Hanuman searching Sita in the palaces of all the Important people
Hanuman went through the palaces of lanka to see if sita is there. He was extremely impressed with the beauty of Ravanas palace. It looked like an ornament.

He searched for Sita in the palaces of Kumba karnan, Brahasthan, vibhishna, Viboshan. He was wonderstruck with the beauty and the prosperity of those palaces.  Finally he again entered in to the palace that appeared like the home of Lord shiva, a place of Kuberan.

Chapter 7 – Hanuman sees Aerial Car – Pushpak
Hanuman saw the house with windows in golden colour, embedded with precious gems. He saw houses glittered by various riches.

He saw the house of Ravana, which was fully decorated with gold and had a mighty appearance equivalent to the brave and mighty Ravana. The house was decorated with diamonds and other precious gems. The house was decorated with tons of flowers and it appeared like a flower mountain.. He saw Lakes and lotus ponds around.

There he saw the most beautiful of articles – an aerial car, named Pushpaka.. This is an efficient car that can travel long distances. Vishwakarma designed this aerial car to be of highly capable one. It was made of gold with diamonds and beautiful gems like cats eye, ruby were embedded. It had very beautiful artistic work like small miniatures of birds, elephants decorated with gems. It also had the image of Godess Lakshmi with four hands , holding Lotus in her hands.

After seeing all this, suddenly Hanuman became gloomy , on not seeing Sita yet. He thought about Rama and he was worried on not finding Sita anywhere till now.

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