Friday, August 24, 2018

Sri Maha Vanna Muniswarar Alayam, Jalan Hulu Gombak, Gombak


Also known as the "Kabali" Temple, Vanna Muniswarar Alayam is well known for the self-service offerings by locals and its also a local community powered temple. 

To go to this temple, one must access the old Bentong road from Gombak. The ride to this temple will be a pleasant one as you will  pass by many orang asli community settlements. As driving through the jungle, do take the opportunity to enjoy the green scenery along the way, be alert with the cycles of course.


Being an open-access community powered temple, some of the sannathi will be locked and you might be required to seek the keys from the caretaker. Once you enter the temple, you may noticed that the eyes of the Panchamuga Hanuman idol will be made from marbles, and even other accessories as well.

(Lord Hanuman)


The temple is also surrounded with various idols, especially Kaval deivams.

(Lord Vanna Muni)

(Lord Vanna Muni)

(Lord Ganesha, Lord Amman, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ayyapan image)

(Lord Muniswarar)

(Lord Muniswarar)

(Lord Batrakaali)

(Lord Muniandy)

(Lord Shivan)

(Lord Murugan)

(Lord Sudugadu Kaali, Lord Bathra Kaali, Lord Periyaachi)

(Lord Sudugadu Kaali, Lord Bathra Kaali, Lord Periyaachi sannathi)

(Lord Sanggili Karupar)

(Lord Sanggili Karupar sannathi)

Many might not be aware that if you travel deep inside the jungle, you may find Lord Kaattu Muni on top.

(Journey to the  Kaattu Muni sannathi through the jungle)

(found this unique bug on the way)

(reaching the sannathi)

(Lord Kaattu Muni)


  1. Im sorry to say that bro thats's not (Lord vanna muni) and (lord kattu muni) , that you saying lord vanna muni is (LORD MADURAI VEERAN) And the Kattu muni is (LORD 18AM PATTI KARUPPUNASAMY) i know that because i visit the in every months 2 to 3 times just want to give the information only
    thank you .

    1. the lord muniswarar was the LORD VANNA MUNISWARAR .

    2. Athu periya karupar and chinna karupar bro

  2. When this kuil thiruvizha date?