Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sree Maha Anjayneyar Aalayam, Tepi Sungai, Klang

Tepi Sungai Hanuman Temple is a famous hanuman temple in the district of Klang. The temple is said to be the direct reflection of Kampar Hanuman Temple. The temple has a history of its own, the founder of the temple is said to receive a initiation blessing from a powerful swamiji in Kampar Hanuman Temple. The swamiji described a Hanuman Temple next to a river which will be initiated by the founder and will be passed over to another devotee whom shares the same destiny in managing the temple. This story signifies and strengthen the direct linkage of Kampar Hanuman Temple and Tepi Sungai Hanuman Temple strong connection.

(Lord Maha Anjayneyar)

Finding the temple was ain't an easy task, it took our research team some time to actually locate the temple. The temple is actually located in a housing area and the only path to the temple (by car) was a small roadway next to a double-storey house. 

Mr.Sree, the temple chairman shared the details, history, documentation and some pictures of the temple in the past. It is known that the temple main alter was built based on the agamic shastra of a temple so that the benefits can be magnified to all devotees. Mr.Sree also shared the type of miracles occurred especially experienced by him and some visiting devotees. Many devotees have obtained alot of miracles and received his blessings in many forms.

Riverside temples can be considered as a spiritually energized temple due to strategic geographical structure and flow of positive energy. There is a saying that great kingdoms are born through a river. Even our old Brickfields Hanuman Temple was located next to a river before being shifted to the current location due to the development of the Tun Sambathan monorail station. The Hanuman Temple next to the river is considered as a spiritual source not only it has the tendency to harvest both the source and sustainer of life, but it has the force to balance the prana energy within each devotee that visits the temple.

Operation hours
Morning: 7.30am - 9.00am
Evening: 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Contact Details 
Mr Sree: 016-6185267

Sree Maha Anjayneyar Aalayam, Klang, Selangor

(Tepi Sungai Hanuman Temple)

(Main Deity - Lord Anjayneyar)

(Lord Hanuman)

(Old Temple structure @ Tepi Sungai)

(Lord Madurai Veeran @ Old Temple)

(Shree Thurka Ambal sannathi)

(Lord Thurka Amman)

(Lord Muniswarar at old temple structure)

(Lod Vinayagar @ Old Temple structure)

(Lord Hanuman)

(The current temple structure when it was newly built)

(The current temple structure when it was newly built)

(Lord Hanuman during Kumbabhishegam and initiation)

(Lord Hanuman during Kumbabhishegam and initiation)

(Lord Hanuman during Kumbabhishegam and initiation)

(The founder of the Temple, Mr.Ulaganathan)

(Temple Work In Progress status)

(Lord Muniswarar temple)

(Lord Muniswarar)

(Lord Thurka amman)

(Lord Naagamaa)

(Temple painting works going on)

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