Thursday, August 15, 2019

Kampar Hanuman Temple, Perak (2019 update)

Recently, our research team members have paid a visit to our Kampar Hanuman Temple in Perak. Below are the pictures update for your reference.

(Lord Hanuman and Lord Ramar)

First and foremost, we would like to thank Mr.Thayalan for sharing us the history and informative insights of this beautiful temple. The temple holds an interesting history as it used to be a Muneeswaran temple once upon a time. One day, Mr. Thayal's father got into trance under the Rock Hill and gave a word stating that the presence of Lord Hanuman here is very strong. Upon his trance "arulvaakku", the temple management decided to convert the main deity to Lord Hanuman with the blessings of Lord Muneeswarar. Since that day, the temple has been receiving fantastic attention from Lord Hanuman Devotees nationwide. 

(The Rock Hill - which is Lord Murugan's Shrine Hill)

 (The previous temple picture of the Rock Hill)

 (Old Temple View)

(Old Temple View)

(Old Temple View)

(Old Muneeswarar temple structure - many future plans has been in stored)

 (New Hanuman Temple building in progress)

 (Beautiful hill with Vanaras - you are encouraged to bring fruits for them)

 (Miracle tree where 3 tree is connected as one above)

(Lord Hanuman's favourite coconut is being to the tree upon special prayers (Venddathal))

( research team members)

 (malaysiahanuman.con research team members in action)

 ( research team members)

 (temple information)

(temple donation information)

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