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Sundara Gandam: Chapter 10 – Hanuman sees Mandodhari

Chapter 10 – Hanuman sees Mandodhari

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In Ravanas palace, Hanuman sees a Bed which was made of Ivory and Gold. It was decorated with diamonds, coral, cats eye and other precious gems. He saw a white umbrella decorated with Pearls and it appeared like a full Moon. The bed was decorated with all sort of good flowers giving very good fragrance. The bed had spreads of animal skins.

Hanuman saw Ravana sleeping in that bed. Ravana appeared dark and dense like the rain clouds, his hands looked like the trunk of elephant, his face was bright like The Sun. The white silk cloth that he was wearing across appeared like a thunderbolt . The Reddish yellow sandal paste applied on this chest and hands looked like the evening sunset clouds. He was in deep sleep because of the wine that he had that night and because of the tiredness of having copulated with his wives.

Hanuman wondered if this is a big mountain with trees and creepers. Ravana appeared like a Mountain. Women around him were sleeping with different musical instruments in their hands like drums, flute, Veena etc., They were holding on to those instruments passionately as if they are holding on to Ravana. They were tired after all the music and the dance that night.

Hanuman felt guilty about the sinful abductor, Ravana, before seeing Devi Sita.

Among all those women, Hanuman saw a very beautiful woman of a higher stature sleeping in a separate decorated couch. She appeared very beautiful and was wearing costlier ornaments made of pearls, coral, diamond etc., Her face resembled full moon. She is Mandodari, wife of Ravana. Hanuman thought that she is Sita. He became very happy and he was very playful . He clasped his hands. he jumped around and he fell down. He was very happy and did all the activities that Vanaras(monkey) does.


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