Thursday, June 25, 2020

Chapter 12 : Hanuman becomes very upset in not finding Sita

Hanuman was very worried that he could not find Sita anywhere after searching in almost every place. He started thinking about sita and wondered if something wrong could have happened to her.

He wondered if Sita could have died because of her separation from Rama. Or if Ravana could have killed her because she had not obliged to his wishes. or She could have passed away, being afraid and scared of the ugly , crooked demonesses.

Hanuman thought “ I searched in all places and I could not find Sita alone. What will be my response to the Vanara troops. How will I go and face Vanara King Sukriva. How will I go and face Jambhavan who had huge faith in my skills. Everyone in Vanara troop would be of the opinion, that Hanuman has gone across the sea and he will definitely come with good news. How do i convey to the that I did not find Sita. Or should I stay put here. Then every one will be worried that something worse has happened to me . Without knowing the depth and difficulty of the work, I promised that I will search for Sita in Lanka. if she is not  in Lanka, I will search in all 14 universes. if not found anywhere I will arrest Lankeshwaran – Ravana and bring him. I should not have talked so much then.”

As he was thinking like this, he realized his foolishness in thinking negatively. He thought everything in this world is achieved only through self motivation and he should motivate himself , think positively and continue searching for Sita. He re-energized himself and started searching Sita again. He searched in the houses in the corner of the City and in rare places. Then he again became worried in not finding Sita and he came down to Pushpak.

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