Friday, July 10, 2020

Arulmigu Sri Maha Mariamman, Taman Anggerik, Sepang

The Arulmigu Sri Maha Mariamman temple used to be a small temple before its stands tall today. The temple is a community based temple, where most of the deity was requested by the locals.

(Lord Vishwaroopa Ramabakthar Anjeneyar)

It was understood by our research team member that the temple was a very old temple and when there was an opportunity to develop the temple, the locals and temple management has decided that the original Lord Amman's statue must remain, which is the temple's presiding deity.

Lord Vishwaroopa Ramabakthar Hanuman
Lord Vishwaroopa Ramabakthar Hanuman in this temple is a special deity where the deity will have another face of Lord Ramar. This is very special because it is very rare to see Vishwaroopa Hanuman with Lord Ramar. The original Lord Vishwaroopa Hanuman is like this:

(Lord Vishwaroopa Anjeneyar)

The form Lord Vishwaroopa Ramabakthar Hanuman in this temple signifies that the divine soul of the existence and the supremacy of Lord Hanuman is from Lord Ramar. 

(Lord Ramar)

(Lord Ramar)

This deity can be also interpreted as the mind and soul combination of Sri Ramar and Sri Hanuman. That Lord Ramar is always in the mind of Lord Hanuman. That all Lord Hanuman's action is always blessed by Lord Ramar. In which, however powerful or full form you are, always be parallel and in formation with Lord Ramar. 

The temple is very much associated with Lord Ramar and Lord Hanuman. The reason we are saying this is because the dedication given to the Lords through his worship form, such as Lord Ramar's paatham in the temple and Lord Vishnu with Lord Hanuman at the temple entrance.

(Lord Ramar Paatham)

(Lord Ramar Paatham)

(Lord Maha Vishnu, Maha Lakshmi and Lord Hanuman)
(Temple entrance)

(Lord Ganesha Sannathi)

(Lord Murugan Sannathi)

(Lord Durga Sannathi)

(Temple presiding deity, Lord Mariamman)

(Lord Mariamman)

The temple is also famous for the Shivan Sannathi which is unique as it consist of the images of Lord Shiva.

(Lord Shivan Sannathi)

(Lord Vinayagar with Raghu and Kethu)

(Lord Pazhani Murugan)

(Our Research team member at Temple Koburam)

(Temple main mandabam)

(Lord Karupar)

(The Lords of  Navagraha)

(Lord Bhairavar)

(Lord Viswaroopa Ramabakthar Hanuman)

(Lord Viswaroopa Ramabakthar Hanuman)

(Lord Viswaroopa Ramabakthar Hanuman)

(Lord Viswaroopa Ramabakthar Hanuman)

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