Friday, July 10, 2020

Arulmigu Sri Maha Paandi Muniswarar Alayam, Sepang

The temple is located Jalan Besar, Kampung Jelutong, Sepang. The temple is located inside an estet road.

(Lord Veera Hanuman)

The interesting part of this temple that it is said to be the direct blessings of Sri Jalan Baru Ayya, Penang. Something interesting about this temple is a rare natural setting that you will see inside the temple compound.

(Lord Hanuman and Lord Vinayagar sannathi)

(Temple compound)

(Lord Ganesha)

(Arasa maram, said to be a power place to meditate)

(Arasar Munivar)

(Arasar Munivar)

(Presiding Deity - Lord Paandi Muni)

(Penang Jalan Baru Ayya Photo)

(Muniady samy)

(Lord Amman - said to be in the form of Madurai Meenatchi)

(Lord Sanggili Karupar)

(Lord Periyachi)

The Rare Natural Setting...

(Lord Nagamma infrm of a natural ant hill)

It is said that its very rare to see an Arasa Maram, Veppillai maram together with a snake ant hill infront. If such setting occurs naturally, than there is a mystical force that governs such occurrence. There is a believe that for singles that have not found their life partner for quite sometime, one may visit to this shrine and pray to Lord Nagamma. With her blessings, the devotee may get his / her problem solved.

(Lord Nagamma sannathi)

(Lord Nagamma sannathi)

(Temple Compound)

(Arasa MAram and Veppilai Maram together with the snake anthill infront)

(Our research team member explaining about this temple)

(very peaceful place)

(Our research team with Lord Veera Hanuman)

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