Friday, July 10, 2020

Arulmigu Sri Maha Avudayar, Sepang

Avudayar temple is a very rare temple. But the difference between the Sepang Avudayar temple and the original Avudayar temple in India is the definition of Avudayar itself. Based on a website, avudayar means pedestal or seat or throne, where the presiding deity is placed on. But in the Avudayar Sepang Temple, all deities are associated with Sheshnag (5 headed snake).

(Lord Hanuman)

The temple is located next to a main road to between Sungai Pelek and Salak Tinggi. The temple host many interesting story and a discovery to a small mystical shrine.

The temple is conducts special prayers on Sundays starting 10.30 am till 12.30 pm. 

(Presiding Deity - Lord Avudayar)

Lord Hanuman
Lord Hanuman stands alone next to an upcoming road with no bearers. This enables devotees to go to have darshan without depending on the temple opening time. 

(Lord Hanuman)

(Lord Hanuman)

(Lord Hanuman)

Another special deity in this temple is Lord Karupar sitting on a double headed horse. The significance of it may be unclear, but we can construe that its about controlling the fast moving double minded within us.

(Lord Sanggili Karupar)

(Lord Karupar)

(Lord Kaliamman)

(Lord Durga)

(Temple Compound)

(Temple compound)

(Lord Vinayagar)

(Lord Vinayagar)

(Lord Amman)

(Lord Muniswarar)

(Our research team with lord Hanuman)

(Our research team with lord Hanuman)

(Our research team taking picture of Lord Hanuman)

(Lord Mahalakshmi)

(Lord Mahalakshmi)

Another interesting discovery our research team discovered is a hidden hut-shrine inside of this bush towards a plantation estate opposite the temple, due to the extension of road, the small route was discovered.

(The view from opposite the temple)

(The small shrine)

(Snake Anthill believe to be worshiped)

(A mystical Anthill)

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