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Hanuman's birth story

The story of Hanuman's birth goes like this - Anjana was a beautiful but spoilt apsara. One day to relieve her boredom she made a sojourn to earth and found a monkey like person in deep meditation in the  forest. Unable to contain her amusement Anjana burst out into peals of laughter. The monkey who was a realized sage cursed her that she would take the form of an ugly monkey woman and would be relieved of the curse only after she gave birth to a Shiva (Rudra) avatar. Anjana went into deep penance and prayed to Lord Shiva that he be born from her womb, so that she could get back to being the Apsara that she really was.

Shiva ,the ever-compassionate Lord was stirred from His Samadhi by her heart rending prayers.He announced to his consort Parwati , his decision to grace the womb of Anjana and become her beloved son “It would also be an opportunity to serve Vishnu avatar Rama and help Him to win the war against Ravana the king of Rakshas when he abducted Sita Ma”

On hearing this, Parwati who was His inseperable better half decided to accompany him as his tail.And so  Hanuman owed his power to  Shakti residing  as Parwati in his tail .And it was his famous tail that served as a weapon by which he burned Ravanas Golden Lanka and tipped the scales  of the battle in Lord Rama’s favor.

But how did Anjana conceive the Rudra avatar Hanuman ? King Dasarath who was Lord Ramas father did a Putraprapti hawan (a vedic fire sacrifice to propitiate Agni the deity of fire) for progeny.Agni pleased by Dasarath’s sincere sacrifice emerged  from the hawan fire with a bowl of sweet which he bade dasrath’s wives to consume.Just then a vulture scooped down and took away a small portion of the sweet

The vulture on Vayus (the wind god) bidding dropped this portion into the palms of Anjana who consumed it and becomes pregnant.Hanuman is born to Anajana and was named Anjanaya . His birth being heralded by auspicious omens befitting the birth of  an avatar of Shiva with Shakti.

 Anjana Devi Naimisharanya | Bal hanuman, Hanumanji, Hanuman

The stage was  set for the sublime relationship of The Lord Vishnu and his ardent devotee Hanuman and their unparalleled saga of Love. Hanuman was blessed by Lord Rama to join the ranks of the sapta chiranjeevis (immortals).

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