Saturday, July 11, 2020

Lord Hanuman's Tail

When Lord Hanuman’s tail was set on fire by the demonic forces of King Ravan, Lord Agni intervened and freed Lord Hanuman from pain due to fire and bestowed special powers to stretch or shrink the tail to any length and also hold any amount of weight by his tail. Similarly Lord Hanuman received several boons from divines like Lord Kuber, Lord Surya, and Lord Yama and from Goddess Sita as well, all of which made Lord Hanuman literally invincible and unconquerable in the form of Lord Hanuman. The Navagrahas too went and stayed inside his tail to ensure that no malefic effects will befall on Lord Hanuman. 


Thus Lord Hanuman’s tail was insulated with all the powers  given by various divine forces and became the most powerful organ in his body assuming great significance in worship.

We all are aware that Lord Hanuman's tail is Lord Shakti. 

Figure ‘A’ depicts the tail of Maruti as the servitor (Dasmaruti) and figure ‘B’ the tail of Maruti as the courageous one (Virmaruti). 

One must have realised how without even looking at the entire form of Maruti merely by looking at His tail, energy or divine consciousness (chaitanya) in His form is manifested. Energy manifests from Maruti as the courageous one and divine consciousness from Maruti as the servitor since the latter is merged into Lord Rama.


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